BILLROTH HOSPITALS was launched on 30th Nov.1990 by the late Dr.V.Jeganathan one of the leading Surgical Gastroenterologist, LASER and Laparoscopic Surgeon.


BILLROTH HOSPITALS is a 600 bedded Super Specialty Hospital situated at Shenoy Nagar & R.A.Puram in Chennai, India.



To provide medical services at the height of quality and efficiency in the most professional and effective manner, with the sole determination of making things better for our patients.



To become a name synonymous with expert medical care all over the country.

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    “Even the poorest of the poor must get quality healthcare” this was the dream of Billroth Hospital's founder Dr. V. Jeganathan. The foundation dedicated in his name envisions spending at least Rs.

  • Interventional Pulmonology

    It is a new field with in pulmonary medicine focused on the use of advanced bronchoscopic and pleuroscopic techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of a spectrum of disorders involving Airways an

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB)

    TB is a completely curable disease. It is due to mycobacterium tubercle bacilli causing cough, fever, weight loss etc. The diagnostic tests are sputum test for AFB and chest radiography.

  • Ovulation Induction

    This is used to treat women who are not ovulating, using tablets or injections to induce ovulation.

Billroth Specialities

Billroth hospital has talented technicians and doctors to deliver reliable ad affordable diagnostic services without compromising in quality. We offer full rage of diagnostic services in biochemistry, radiology, microbiology and nuclear medicine. We run our own laboratory handling all in-patient and out-patient lab investigation needs. With recent advancement in lap equipment we provide accurate services with wide range of test for patents. With an exclusive team of members we serve all your hospital needs. Our team of dedicated medical professionals provides quality healthcare services to the patients.

Biochemistry - Haematology - Histopathology - Microbiology:

  • Round the clock service
  • Fully automated biochemistry /hormone analysers.
  • 5 part cell counter , HbA1c, Cardiac reader
  • State – of –the art Microbiology/ histopathology department
  • Online reporting
  • Qualified and experienced medical and paramedical personnel.

We use world’s first dual source CT scanner with two x ray sources and two rows of detectors at the same time. The CT scanner can be used for painless CT coronary angiogram without any premedication. We use computerized CT scanner to quickly create cross sectional pictures of your body. It is used to guide a surgeon to the right area to identify tumors. We will do everything we can to make your comfortable. The dual source scanner we use doubles the speed of the test and so patients receive less radiation.

Billroth 360° Hospitals

The term 360 degrees denotes the all round dynamics of the Billroth 360 Degrees Hospitals just like the way 360 means. True to it's name, Billroth 360 degrees Hospitals would cover the whole gamut of healthcare services on a single window basis. The object of Billroth 360 degrees Hospitals is to take world class healthcare services to the rural and semi urban pockets which are lacking even in basic healthcare facilities. To begin with, Thiruvallur, Ambattur, Vellore and Kancheepuram would be covered. Soon, nook and cranny of South India would come under the services of Billroth 360 degrees Hospitals.

This is just a modest beginning. We propose to take these services to the needy poor languishing in remote corners of our country. This too was our founder's dream “Quality healthcare for all – at affordable cost” this was the philosophy of our Founder Dr. V. Jeganathan.

In the coming two years, we propose to dedicate 25, 50 to 100 bedded Billroth 360 degrees hospitals all over South India.


In Remembrance:

Founder DR.V. JEGANATHAN (19.12.1953 - 17.5.2007)

In the sands of time, many have walked...
But only a few have left their footprints...
And a few dared to walk the lonely path
To create a vision...
To live the dream...
To reach the millions with affordable health care.