Is age linked with heart attack?

For someone under 40 years of age, heart attack typically shows signs like tightness of chest, pain, shortness of breath, jaw pain and cold sweats. Most times these symptoms are left undiagnosed till they cause a severe episode. Undetected heart’s abnormal rhythm or a premature heart disease that is silent is the major cause for heart disease in healthy young individuals.

One of the common disease that contributes to heart attack in the young are Kawasaki disease that results in inflammation of the blood vessels. Children with this condition suffer with heart attack at a very early age of 24. Another common condition that causes heart attack in young people and young athletes is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. This condition is caused by mutation of the genes and characterized by enlarged cardiac muscles. This enlargement causes blockage of blood in the ventricles, so during heavy activity the ventricles are unable to bump enough blood, leading to collapse.

The best way to be cautious over heart attack is to monitor your heart health regularly. ECG, Echo and treadmill test coupled with  basic blood markers can predict health of your heart with precision.

Regular check ups can also  unearth the underlying conditions before a harmful episode .A healthy lifestyle, good amount of aerobic activity, sufficient breathing exercises and going easy on stress will enable any young person to live longer and healthy.

In India, heart attack accounts to 15-20% of deaths. The incidence of heart attack has surged by a whopping 34% from 115 death to 209 in the last 2 decades. Heart attack is commonly occurs in the middle-aged, nowadays there is a sudden increase of heart attacks in the 20-30 year olds as well.


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