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Billroth Hospital was established by late Dr. V. Jeganathan on 30th November 1990. A born leader, he turned several heads by employing cutting-edge medical technologies that make Billroth the most trusted healthcare provider in South India even today. Besides being the Chairman of Billroth hospitals, Dr. V. Jeganathan was one of the leading Surgical Gastroenterologists, LASER and Laparoscopic Surgeons in the country.

He worked hard all his life and believed in uplifting others in the journey of his own growth. He was one of the major contributors to the medical relief efforts for those affected by the 2005 Tsunami. Even today the people of Vijayapuram remember him and have erected a statue in his honor.

His only ambition was to develop a patient-centric approach that is transparent, ethical, respectful and compassionate. A true team builder, Dr. V. Jeganathan has been successful in establishing an organization wherein everyone is willing to walk the extra mile and feel empowered from within to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Not only in India, today the name Billroth has defied boundaries and earned a global repute with satisfied patients all across the world.