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It is a medical protocol in which radioactive substances are effectively used in diagnosis and treatment of disease. Unlike other traditional methods such as x-rays, radiation is emitted inside-out which is termed as endoradiology because radiation is emitted from inside the body rather than radiation emitted from an external source.

Nuclear medicine diagnosis quickly and the treatment following is safe for our patience. The diagnosis result is so accurate which in other case involves surgery, and other invasive diagnostic tests

Physicians will diagnose the affected part in early stages itself by this method. This makes treatment easier and safe. The process also involves the combination of a medicine and radioactive material called as radiopharmaceutical.

Apart from diagnosis and treatment, we use nuclear medicine to determine the functions of various organs. The pumping condition of heart is determined by this method. Also to check whether the brain is receives an adequate amount of blood, kidneys function, stomach emptying capacity of the food material, lung function, bone density and vitamin absorption. Nuclear medicine detects even a small bone fracture more accurately than x-rays.

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