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OB/GYN is a branch of science which deals with women pregnancy, child birth and pueperum (the time period immediately after pregnancy). A paramount department which deals with women care and reproductive system.

Our specialized teams of gynecologists provide necessary and timely medical and surgical care to women during pregnancy, child birth and also on other disorders of reproductive system, if any. Few other services include: preventive care, parental care, detection of sexually transmitted disease, pap test and family planning.

Highlights of other services include

  • High risk pregnancy care

  • Modern labour suites

  • Painless labour

  • Laparoscopic and LASER surgery

  • Hysteroscopy / Colposcopy

  • Thermachoice uterine ablation therapy (Non operative treatment for bleeding disorders of uterus)

  • Uterine artery embolisation for fibroids (without removing uterus)

  • Gynaecologic oncology

  • Family Planning services.

The Division of Minimally Invasive Gynaecologic Surgery provides comprehensive care for women with conditions including uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, pelvic pain, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, cervical incompetence and ovarian cysts offering the latest minimally invasive options for these conditions.

This is safer and more effective alternative to traditional open surgery.

We are leaders in developing innovative minimally invasive procedures that offer our patients:

  • Competitive pricing on par with open surgery price

  • Early return to normal daily activities (within a week)

  • Shorter hospital stay ~ 24 hrs

  • Faster recovery

  • Less pain

  • Smaller incisions


  • BIPOLAR RESECTOSCOPE for hysteroscopic surgery for uterine cavity lesions


  • Vessel Sealer

  • Harmonic



  • Infertility Evaluation

  • Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Evaluation

  • Post-menopausal Bleeding Evaluation

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Evaluation


  • Congenital Malformation of Uterus (Septum)

  • Endometrial Polyp

  • Submucous Fibroid

  • Asherman's Syndrome

  • Endometrial ablation

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that involves just keyhole incisions. Procedures done include:

  • Hysterectomy TLH (Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy) and LAVH (Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy)

  • Myomectomy (Removal of Fibroid without removing the uterus)

  • Endometriosis Conservative Surgery

  • Surgical Procedures for Ectopic Gestation

  • Tubal Recanalisation Procedures (Reversal of Family Planning)

  • Laparoscopy during Pregnancy during Appendicitis

  • LAP Appendectomy

  • Gall Bladder Removal

  • Ovarian Cyst Removal

A woman body is constantly developing and changing from puberty to after menopause. Our specialists provide preventive and curative medical care for the female reproductive system.

  • Adolescent Clinic (Billroth YUVA Clinic)

  • Billroth Well Woman Clinic

  • Billroth Breast Clinic

  • Cancer Screening Clinic (Pap Smear and Cancer Vaccine)

  • Menopause Clinic

Adolescence is a beautiful yet confusing stage. As a girl matures, her world becomes filled with physical and emotional changes both exciting and challenging. Our capable, compassionate healthcare team at the Yuva Clinic reaches out to young women through basic gynaecologic exams, sex education, diagnosis and treatment of ailments of reproductive organs. We also answer their sensitive questions.

Gynaecological problems like anaemia and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are one of the most common endocrine disorders. Approximately 30-40 per cent of teenagers visiting us suffer from PCOS, which often affects younger women. While the major fear is that it can lead to infertility, it can also become life-threatening as it leads to an increase in incidence of obesity. In the Yuva clinic, the gynaecologists aim to concentrate on lifestyle, diet, contraception and menstruation related problems and cancer vaccines. This empowers women to handle their health by detecting problems early and maintaining good health. An annual gynaecological exam is a health screening women should receive once a year that checks for gynaecological (women's reproductive organs) related problems such as cervical dysplasia, menstrual disorders, breast health and so on. This is a must for women over the age of 18, or who are sexually active.

An annual exam is also an opportunity for women to ask questions regarding

  • Family planning and birth control

  • Menopause

  • Menstrual problems

  • Pelvic pain

  • Premenstrual symptoms

  • Sexual concerns

  • Breast health

The Billroth Breast Clinic is equipped with state-of-art equipment and friendly, accomplished doctors. There is also a hereditary cancer clinic for women who have a family history of breast cancer. The one-to-one consultation makes things simple, easy and addresses any concern you may have sensitively.

  • Monthly self breast examinations

  • Yearly breast examination

  • Mammogram

  • Other screenings for women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer

  • Genomic screening with BRCA1 & BRCA 2

  • Screening in Women with family history cancer breast

Cancer Screening is important for every woman. Maintaining optimal pelvic health is essential to the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer and other serious conditions. At Billroth we offer the latest diagnostic tests.

We offer,

  • Papsmear (Liquid Based Cytology) for Cancer Cervix screening

  • Office Endometrial Biopsy for Cancer Endometrium screening

  • Trans Vaginal Ultrasound and Proteomics - Cancer Ovary screening

  • Mammogram & USG Breast Cancer, Breast screening

The following are the recommended frequency of pelvic exams, pap tests and HPV screening tests per age group:

  • Ages 21-29: Every three years

  • Ages 30-65: Every three to five years

  • Ages 65+: Screenings should be discontinued if the patient

meets these criteria: No history of CIN 2 or greater within the last

20 years, and two negative HPV tests or three negative pap tests in the last 10 years This super speciality department offers high end multi-disciplinary care for patients. Comprehensive investigation and treatment, advice and counselling are provided to patients in a compassionate atmosphere.

The latest equipment and techniques are employed in treatment.

Cancers involving the reproductive system including those arising

from the endometrium, ovaries, cervix, vulva, vagina, and gestational trophoblastic disease. We offer laparoscopic or robotic surgery whenever possible.

We collaborate with other clinical services including radiation therapy, hematology / oncology, surgical oncology, pathology, and radiology to provide the best care for our patients. Menopause is the natural cessation of a woman's reproductive ability and usually happens in the late 40s or early 50s. The symptoms vary based on the individual and can range from vaginal bleeding, hot flushes to vaginal and urinary symptoms. The body undergoes many physical and emotional changes.

At Billroth, we offer menopause treatments customized for each woman. A team works on designing these holistic treatments that are directed toward alleviating uncomfortable or distressing symptoms. We also think ahead and provide screenings for osteoporosis, heart diseases and other conditions that could occur. This specialist department deals with a variety of conditions ranging from urinary and fecal incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic organ prolapse. Treatment is decided after multi-disciplinary assessment. Innovative surgical techniques, physiotherapy and conservative treatment are used.

For urinary incontinence, different types of outpatient procedures performed include

  • The tension free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure,

  • Transobturator vaginal tapes,

  • Mini-slings

To treat pelvic organ prolapse, common short stay procedures performed include

  • Sacral colpopexy,

  • Vaginal reconstruction with and without mesh implantation, other suspension procedures

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Dr. V. Jayalakshmi

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Dr. Dhivya Narasimhan

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