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Podiatric is a branch of medical science which deals with study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of ankle, foot and related structures of the leg. We treat variety of condition and also implement innovative ideas for a comprehensive care for our patients. One of the common podiatric problems is heel pain. There is no specific reason for a heal pain to occur. Patients mostly feel heal pain when they get up from bed in the morning and find immense pressure to balance their body when the foot is rested on the floor. The pain is severe and a tearing sensitivity is felt in the bottom of the heel. Sometimes pain may also radiate into the arc of the foot.

Treatment for heal pain is carried out in steps. At first when a initial stage of pain is felt aggressive calf muscle stretching is carried out which is continued by continuous calf muscle stretching. Orthopedic tapping of foot is done to support the arc. If the pain is not rectified even after following these vital steps, then further technical treatment procedures will be carried out by our experts. Fungal toenail also called as Onychomycosis is a common fungal toe disease that has affected many people. It is a progressive disease which at first starts at tip of the toenail and spreads later inside the toenail and then to the nail bed. This fungus feeds on keratin from the toe nail. This fungus is similar to the one that causes athletes foot. At the initial stage it may seem like a cosmetic problem but at later stage it discolors the nail, thickens it and causes severe pain and foul odor from the nail. A sweaty foot is the initial cause of the infection which then spreads from there.

We give complete care and advice regarding the infection thus nullifying its spreading tendency at first and then extirpating it completely. Bunions are commonly absorbed disorder among people. Usually people complain the pain while wearing certain shoes, during walking and running. In most cases bullions are treated as conservative means. This may include shoe gear modification, padding, orthoses, etc., when this also fails to produce results, then surgical process is carried on.

General remedy for bunions is using round, deeper toe box and soft leather shoes. Using of pad and cushions over the bone is also used to reduce the pressure on the bones which in turn is the immediate remedy for bunions. In grown toe nails may not sound like a severe problem, but it is dangerous when not addressed at the right time. In grown toe nails are due to penetration of edges of nail plates into the soft tissue. In this case the nail margins becomes red and swollen which oozes out puss at first. For people affected with diabetics and low blood circulation level the risk of infection is high. Patients with joint replacement and pace makers are prone to high risk as the bacterial infection will spread through the blood stream to reach the parts.

Treatment is often painless one. First the physician numbs the nail which may cause mild pain. After numbing the nail, the margin is first removed, and then the nail root is extirpated mostly by using acid. Other techniques are also adopted for this process. No aftermath restrictions are advised and the patient can engage in their regular activities such as exercise, washing feet, wearing shoes, etc., Foot orthises prescription provides in-shoe brace that is designed to correct abnormal foot and lower extremities which include foot, ankle, knees, thighs and hip. Injured structures of the foot and lower extremity are corrected to relieve discomforts. Various innovative methods are employed by our experts to treat orthoses. Some of our special services include:

  • Qualified Podiatric surgeon

  • Amputation prevention program

  • Foot care advice

  • Foot ware counseling

  • House dressing services

Special tests:

  • Biothesimetry for neuropathy

  • Foot Doppler for blood flow

  • MRI & Nuclear studies for Charcot foot

Special dressing materials:

  • Silver dressing pads

  • Foam pads

  • Alginate pads

  • Hydrogel dressing

  • Growth ointment

  • VAC for large wounds


  • Single stage surgeries

  • Toe & Foot preservation surgeries

  • Prevention surgeries for chronic foot ulcers

  • Charcot foot surgeries

  • Plastic & Reconstructive surgery

  • Nerve decompression for neuropathy foot pain

Dr. A. Anbhanandhan

Dr. A. Anbhanandhan

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