International Patient Services from Billroth

International Patients Service
After successfully treating numerous patients in the country, Billroth now introduces it’s International Patient Service. With the most modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment and complete comfort Billroth is sure to meet all your expectations and even exceed them.

Service from Specialists
Our team comprises of medical professionals with a great deal of experience and expertise in specialized medical practices. The dedicated team also has great experience and familiarity in international methods and practices, guaranteeing you special care all the way.

World-class Equipment
To offer you the best treatment, we have acquired some of the finest equipment from across the globe. Trusting only the most renowned international brands we are able to raise the bar when it comes to efficient medical care.

Comfort at a Convenient Price
Here you receive world-class medical services at prices that are significantly lower than prices in any other country. Not just the price of treatment but your overall cost including travel will be more on the lighter side when you’re with us.

Why Wait?
Every second is crucial and our patient’s time is really important to us. Therefore we ensure that your appointments and schedules are confirmed much before you even reach here. Just land and let our experts take care of the rest.

Facilitating a comfortable stay
To offer you the best treatment, we have acquired some of the finest equipment from across the globe. Trusting only the most renowned international brands we are able to raise the bar when it comes to efficient medical care.

At the hospital you can make use of some of the finest comforts apart from medical care, to ensure a completely hassle-free experience. A choice of air-conditioned rooms and deluxe suites are available to you, with amenities such as cable television, attached bathroom, laundry service and housekeeping. You also have access to hi-speed internet, ISD calling and other communication facilities so that you can remain in touch with your loved ones throughout. Over and above all this you also have 24hrs assistance from our staff to meet any of your needs. And if you would like to see the sights and take-in a few of the exotic destinations that surround the city, we can arrange that too. Remember your comfort and pleasure is one of our top priorities here.

A warm welcome and
a worry-free stay

Staying away from home and getting treated in a different country can be quite a worrisome affair for the patient and the family. Our international specialists are best suited for such situations, using their multilingual skills, they not only communicate well with the patient but also do their best to make the them feel at ease.

Final Steps

To ensure a smooth stay and a complete relaxing experience we suggest you take the following steps before scheduling any procedure: If you are in consultation with your doctor decide that Billroth Hospitals is where you want to get treated, please send a request for a medical service cost estimate for your anticipated treatment. After scheduling the procedure we suggest that you:

• Keep all your travel documents and medical records at hand and readily available

• Keep all medical records translated in English, this includes lab results, surgical records as well as treatment records.

• Films such as X-ray and CT Scan with reports translated in English

• Glass pathology sides with report translated in English

• A copy of your entire medical reports in hand baggage in case luggage gets lost

• A stock of your prescribed medication that you must consume regularly

Range of Services

Being an international patient you can avail of all of our best services. Here are some of the key features you can benefit from:

Medical Consultation

If you are seeking consultation from a specialist, just send us all the records and documentation related to your condition and we will have our physicians to take a thorough look and examine your case. Soon after which we will schedule medical tests and treatment procedures as required. All decisions are based on medical urgency and nature of your condition.

Care at Every Level

From the most primary care to the most extreme medical aid, our team is equipped to fulfill your every need. Our team of experts from various medical fields ensures that every patient is met with efficient care and receives best in treatment and services.

Procedures and Payment

Before carrying out any treatment or consultation we will need records of all your previous medical history including documents, films, test results and medication. Based on this we will provide you with an estimated fee of our planned services. You can make advance financial agreements in agreement with your embassy, employers or health insurance firm.

Easy Travel
We will gladly help you with your travel to India and in reaching Chennai. From getting you in touch with a traveling agent to arranging in-city travel, we can do it all for you.

Visa Power
To help you out we will provide letters to the Indian Embassy in your country to further ease your movement from your country to ours.

Stay & Travel

We have arrangements with some of the best travel agents and some of the most renowned hotels in the city, to ensure that your transportation and stay is taken care of by some of the best known names in the field. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will bring it right to you.

Care all the way

The hospital is just 40 minutes from the airport, once you land your travel arrangements will be taken care of by us. All our doctors and staff members are capable of communicating in English and are well versed in the language. If need be you might get along a friend or acquaintance as an interpreter. Or else we shall provide an efficient interpreter especially for you.