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Billroth hospitals provide a reliable and compassionate nursing service at the convenience of your homestay. Patients who require a person to be taken care of after a major surgery or treatment are provided with experienced nurse practitioners to take care of them in the overall process like cleaning the patient’s body (as required in some cases), providing medicines, food on time, etc with care and compassion. Our nurses are well trained in handling patients affected with various problems and also in providing necessary support that is vital for the patients.

Vision: “Strive with Nursing excellence to fulfill the needs of the patient and family and community at large”.
Mission: Rendering high level of competent and empathetic nursing care to meet the Global standards through commitment, dedication, and continuous learning.


  1. Excellence – Render care that delights the customer with all the possible best interventions
  2. Integrity – Demonstrate moral courage to speak up, be honest, principled and always do the right things.
  3. Respect – Treat the patients, family members, colleagues, and interdepartmental staff with the utmost respect in all situations
  4. Patient safety – Treat patients and their caregivers with compassion, care, and understanding of all nursing tasks and duties.
  5. Teamwork – Respect, value and proactively support all co-workers and operate as one team.

We realize that in order to achieve customer satisfaction, a nurse forms the key member in the health care delivery system since they are in direct interface with the client for the longest duration of time. The quality of care can be enhanced through good attitude, excellent competence and keeping abreast with growing trends.

This philosophy can be attained through the achievement of the following goals

  • Recruitment of appropriate quality and quantity of nursing staff to meet the world-class standards
  • Orientation to the philosophy and goals of to all hospital employees
  • Present a general orientation program to all nursing personnel regarding the nursing department.